DOLOMITI - Electric pizza oven

DOLOMITI - Electric pizza oven

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The oven Dolomiti is a small mechanical oven with high performance, cheap, easy to use, energy saving and safe. The oven is completely made of stainless steel and is fully insulated, it is safe, easy to use and clean. Equipped with glass door and interior light, it is perfect for those who need to carefully check the cooking of the food inside.
Dolomiti has an inner opening of 12 cm in height, making it perfect for all those who need to cook or reheat quickly any type of food without taking
up too much space or absorb too much energy. Dolomiti is a valuable and versatile equipment in any kitchen.
Main features
• Higher baking chamber
• Mechanical
• Double glass door to check the baking and avoid any burns
• Interior light
• Completely in stainless steel
• Only 1.6 kw Low power consumption
• It reaches 350 ° C Versatile
• It reaches 300 ° C in less than 20 minutes Fast
• Double thermostat with top and bottom indipendent Accurate
• Removable door to ease cleaning
• Glass fiber insulation
• No gap refractory stone

2 years warranty

Two-year warranty on all models

Guaranteed quality

Materials and technologies

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  • Camera Size: 360x410x125 mm
  • Number of pizzas: 1
  • Temperature: 350°
  • Voltage: 230 Volt AC 1/N/PE
  • Pizza Diameter: 35

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