AZZURRO - Electric pizza oven

AZZURRO - Electric pizza oven

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Azzurro is the pizza oven ideal for the baker who has a small working place. The door opening upwards (on demand) allows to work with shorter shovels and the stand provided with the oven has an extractible sliding table that provides an additional work surface. Furthermore the baking chamber is insulated with alayer of extra-thick insulation of 8 cm that allows outstanding bakingperformance and a real energy saving.

Which are the advantages for the pizza baker?

Ideal for the pizza baker who has little space and/or works a lot.

Main features


• 8 cm thickness insulation that reduces drastically the heat waste.

• Double glazing door (which insulates better)

• Sealing gasket for high temperature to insulate the door

• Low baking chamber for quickly warming the baking chamber and reduce the waste of energy when the door is open.

• Economy switch that allows to save energy when there is no pizza baking


• Available with opening up (useful for confined spaces) or down (traditional)

• Large sliding table built inside the stand

• No gap refractory stone, there is no difficult-to-clean spot where flour and cheese can get stuck, burn and ruin the taste of the pizza

• Possibility to store up to 9 baking programs

• Dual control system that indicated any malfunctioning

• Auto mode to set switching on time

• Optional: Universal spade support easy to assemble on the right or left of the oven

• Optional: Intermediate surface built inside the stand


• It reaches quickly the working temperature, 300°C in less than 30 minutes and 420° in less than 45 minutes, allowing to bake any kind of pizza or bakery product

• Rotating ergonomic handle that follows the natural movement of the wrist

• Temperature display

• Top and bottom power display

• Double bulb in each baking chamber

2 years warranty

Two-year warranty on all models

Guaranteed quality

Materials and technologies

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  • Camera Size: 700x700x145 mm
  • Number of pizzas: 4+4
  • Temperature: 420°
  • Voltage: 400 Volt AC 3/N/PE
  • Pizza Diameter: 34

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