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PRINCE touch screen


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Thanks to the technology of the used static relays, together with an explicitly studied software
installed on a microchip of the electronic board, it is possible to customize the baking with most
versatility and easiness in use, distributing proportionally the energy absorptions for the expected
workload. The power regulation top/bottom by the electronic control allows a gradual attainment
of the requested temperature and most of all a distribution in percentage terms between area and
area of the heat power used and/or necessary. This means a double advantage of a perfectly distributed
heat and a big energy saving.
PRINCE is the only oven in the world with the Pizza Recall System™. Touch the display and the
refractory stone will rotate and bring back the pizza (9 pizzas) in front of the door of the baking
chamber (TOUCH SCREEN). PRINCE is also easy to move and transport, the stand can be tipped 90°
allowing the oven to go through 79cm wide door.
MAIN FEATURES Totally made of stainless steel; Elegant (no welding visible); Possibility to store up to 9
baking programs; Sealing gasket for high temperature to insulate the window; Rock-wool and ceramic fiber
insulation to better keep heat inside the oven; Economy mode to save 50% of energy; Double glazing door
to prevent burn; Dual control system that indicated any malfunction;Top and bottom heat control; Timer and
alarm; Temperature indicator ; Perfectly flat refractory stone; Digital shutter for exhaust fumes; Auto mode
to set the switching on time.

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