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Single blocks electric oven - Mod. SB 6+6G


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Single blocks high quality oven nr 2 chambers 105x70x14 cm (6+6 pizzas Ø 34cm) with pyrometer.

With a long experience in the manufacturing of pizza-ovens, we introduces this model of single block oven, with innovative technical features, placing this product on the higher levels of the market, with an excellent relation quality/price. ITS MAIN FEATURES Single blocks: this line of ovens is made in single modules of 4,6, 4+4, 6+6 pizzas.Energy saving: the use of special materials with high insulation capacity, result of the experience of many years in the field of professional pizzerias, together with a gasket against high temperatures on the front of the door take the consumption of our ovens to what strictly needed.

Large Baking chambers (SB4/SB4+4: 70x70 cm; SB6/SB6+6: 70x105 cm, SB6G/SB6+6G: 105x70 cm), are completely made in stainless steel. Door: The use of a system with hinges with springs to allow the door to be released in a few seconds, in order to proceed with the cleaning and/or maintenance, without the help of any tool, and grants in the meantime an always optimal closing.

The big glass surface allows the constant monitoring of the baking. External structure: the front panel is made completely in stainless steel and the external panel is made of pre-painted sheet. Temperature gauge: in the control panel there is a temperature gauge indicating perfectly and in real time the temperatures inside the baking chambers.

Baking surface: bricks in refractory material certified for the cooking of the food are installed inside the baking chambers. Fastening steam discharger: the oven has a valve for the total or partial fastening of the smoke discharge. Lighting: ovens are equipped with internal lighting operated by a push button in the control panel. Temperature setting: the temperature is set by electro-mechanical thermostats placed on the control panel with the possibility to regulate them from 50°C to 450°C.

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